Plants/ Farming
Animals/ Animal Parts
Earth/ Stone
Sky/ Heavens
Metal/ Jewels
People/ Human Body
Things to Wear
Household Items
Cultural Items
Tools/ Crafting
Locations/ Buildings
Transportation/ Roads
Measure/ Order
Actions/ Verbs


Who are you?

Hi, my name is Vashte. I live in Los Angeles (for now). I’m an artist, a designer, and a ton of other things that are generally unrelated to each other. Here’s some of my stuff.


What is all this, anyway?

ZOM字 is a color-coded, interactive listing of the 2042 kanji listed in Remembering the Kanji (hereafter lovingly referred to as RtK). Or it will be all 2042 in the very near future. I’ll keep you updated when new kanji are available. It takes time to design, color-code, and link each kanji with its meanings, key words, and readings. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying, sheesh.


Why color-coding? I’ve never seen color-coded kanji before.

Yeah, this is my attempt at creating a more visual means of learning kanji. I suffer from soul-crippling synesthesia (j/k, it’s actually pretty awesome), which means that I “see” every letter and number as having a certain color. Besides making every lecture in college a near-psychedelic experience, it also helps give me an instant mnemonic for phone numbers, lists of words, and names.

I figured the same could work for kanji – instead of letters, though, we have elements, radicals, or “primitives” as they’re called in RtK. So I’ve organized and categorized the hundreds of primitives into 5 macro categories, and about 18 subcategories.


How do I find the color-coding legend?

Click that little yellow triangle in the upper right-hand corner of the window. That’ll drop down the legend, where you can see the color-coding key, search by specific reading, or search by tag.


What are the tags?

The tags include the keyword for each kanji, the RtK number, and the mnemonic story keywords found in the text. The words italicized in RtK are used here.


Why didn’t you include each kanji’s story?

Because I like not being sued? Go buy the book, cheapie. This is purely supplemental to the actual RtK text. I’m not attempting to make a web version of RtK – that’s for Heisig to do.


Are the kanji in any particular order?

Yeah, they’re in the same order as you’d find in Remembering the Kanji. Each is tagged with its number and keyword.


Why are you doing this?

Because I’m a Nihonphile from way back, and I’m tired of not being fluent. This is a tool that is really helping my kanji retention – I thought I’d share it with the rest of you.


What’s a “ZOMJI/ ZOM字”?

Because ZOMG there’s a lot of kanji! Oh, I forgot to mention that I’m a huge geek. I <3 internet speak and plays on words…so I couldn’t pass up the chance to turn ZOMG into ZOMJI! (get it?)


How much does all this cost?

For you, nothing. There’s a strong possibility that I’ll create some swag and make it available here.


Can I email you?

What?? NO!  Why would I want to–

Oh, alright.



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